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EvaMax VI - EvaMax VI - Herbal Remedy For Vaginal Problems, 60 tabs + 60 tabs + 4 oz, (Lin Institute) EvaMax VI addresses important issues that women experience when faced with such problems as vaginal dryness, intercourse pain, or damaged tissue... $112.69
MenoSerene - MenoSerene - Fight Your Menopause Symptoms, 60 tabs, (Natural 3) Use MenoSerene to Fight Your Menopause Symptoms:
  • Hot Flashes and Palpitations...
Intimate Moisture - Intimate Moisture - Top Quality Vaginal Moisturizer, 2 oz, (VeryPrivate) Feeling like your vagina has betrayed you? Things are dry when they should be the opposite? Intimate Moisture is a soothing topical cream that functions just like your natural lubrication would – instantly restoring you to the point of your heightened sexual state and ability... $12.35
Vaginal Moisturizing Gel - Vaginal Moisturizing Gel - 1.5 oz, (At Last Naturals) Vaginal Moisturizing Gel Restore natural lubrication with this water-based formula enriched with vitamin E... $6.86
K Y Warming Liquid - K Y Warming Liquid - Creates a Gentle Warming Sensation on Contact, 1 oz, (K-Y) Creates a gentle warming sensation on contact and helps enhance intimacy... $3.95
K-Y Liquidbeads - K-Y Liquidbeads - Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer, 6 ovule, (K-Y) K-Y Brand LIQUIBEADS is the first and only vaginal moisturizer with the OVULE insert... $11.74
K-Y Long Lasting - K-Y Long Lasting - Vaginal Moisturizer, 8 pre filled applicators, (K-Y) K-Y Brand Long Lasting provides vaginal moisture that lasts for days... $13.07
K-Y Liquidbeads - K-Y Liquidbeads - 6 Inserts, (K-Y) $14.06
K-Y Long Lasting - K-Y Long Lasting - 8 pack, (K-Y) $14.06
pH Balanced Body Wash - pH Balanced Body Wash - 6 oz, (VeryPrivate) Very Private's PH Balanced Body wash is this extra-mild Body Wash is a low-sudsing cleansing formula for women with sensitive skin or dryness problems, even in the intimate area... $12.35